Month: March 2019

Loan for Companies to Start up to 350,000 PLN

Self-employment is undoubtedly the dream of most of us. Unfortunately, the problem is the ever-increasing competition and costs of the investment, followed by running a business. Despite the fact that banks have been reluctant to provide financial support for people with zero market experience, novice entrepreneurs can count on interesting values ‚Äč‚Äčthat will surely translate Read More

How to calculate your debt ratio?

Calculating your debt ratio before applying for an immo loan makes it possible to check the feasibility of your project. Banks give a mortgage to their customers after checking their debt ratio. This precaution prevents the lending institution from being confronted with unpaid deadlines. It also protects the borrower from over-indebtedness due to repayment implications. In Read More

The online loan: its advantages as well as its disadvantages

The online loan is basically the generic term for pretty much any form of classic installment loan on the internet. These include the loans that can usually be ordered online, such as the mini loan, emergency loan, lightning loan, instant loan, etc. All of these types of credit are therefore inevitably linked to the triumphant Read More

Loan for self-employed savings bank

Savings bank Credit for self-employed For a long time, many independent companies had to wait until their savings bank now also offers a special loan. The problem so far has always been the rating procedure with the credit rating and the collateral. If self-employed people did not fulfill all the requirements for a loan with Read More

No Loan From The Bank (Declined) – What Can You Do?

  Who does not know it? The washing machine gives up the ghost, the old car does not want anymore, the TV has left the picture tube or the next vacation actually exceeds the budget. A cash injection would be just the thing. So the consumer leads the way to his house bank to apply Read More