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The conditions for taking out a mortgage life loan

What profile to take out a mortgage life loan?

What profile to take out a mortgage life loan?

Officially, mortgage life mortgage terms do not impose any maximum or minimum age. In fact, most banks that offer this financial product only offer it to people aged 65 and over who own property.

In addition, to qualify for the mortgage life loan, you must be a natural person. Indeed, associations, or SCI, do not have access to this credit.

The conditions of access to this loan are flexible: there is no minimum level of resources or a state of health to justify.

What creditworthiness to subscribe to the mortgage life loan?

What creditworthiness to subscribe to the mortgage life loan?

Unlike more conventional loans, the terms of the mortgage life loan are less restrictive with regard to the creditworthiness of subscribers . Indeed, as stated above, there is not a minimum of resources to be had, and to the extent that the borrower does not make direct repayments, it is not necessary to have a high standard of living. .

In fact, the creditworthiness of the borrower comes from his property that he presents as collateral to the bank that lends the capital. The latter recovers his bet on the death of the owner, selling the property or at the sale by the owner himself.

Real estate concerned in the terms of the mortgage life loan

Real estate concerned in the terms of the mortgage life loan

Mortgage life mortgage terms do not apply to all properties. Indeed, to benefit from this type of credit, the owners must put in guarantee a real estate property for residential use. Thus, the latter may concern in particular:

  • A building rented to tenants;
  • A secondary residence ;
  • The principal residence of the borrower concerned.

Note that there is never a transfer of property and that the owner can still live or rent his property during the term of the loan.

Legal conditions of the mortgage life loan

When subscribing to the mortgage life loan, certain legal conditions are to be respected by the borrower and the lender. As a first step, an expertise of the property must be carried out by an expert chosen by both parties. A signature of the loan agreement is then made before a notary. The latter specifies the mandatory information required by Article L.314-5 of the Consumer Code as:

  • The value of the mortgaged property;
  • The nature of the loan;
  • The terms of the loan;
  • The schedule of payments in the event of a monthly pension.

Assumptions relating to the duration of the loan such as the overall cost of the loan, the global percentage rate or the indexation method …

Mini loan offer: product presentation, costs and test


Camibank has been active in the German market since 2008 as a German subsidiary of the French credit cooperative Credit Mutual. The camibank was known as Sitybank from 1991 to 2008 inclusive.  As a fully licensed bank and owned by the French company Credit Mutual, which is the fourth largest bank in France by total assets, camibank is the first bank established in the German retail banking business, which will enter the growing German small loan market at the end of 2015 with its camibank mini loan offer. ” Direct money “. The camibank mini loan is referred to here as “direct money”, which is more attributable to the marketing idea. In marketing its own, but still quite new, mini-credit offering, camibank is taking advantage of its decades of experience and its excellent positioning as one of the leading credit banks in Germany.

The camibank mini loan offer: direct money

The camibank mini loan offer: direct money

In contrast to the direct competitors in the mini-loan offers camibank pursues the same goal with its “direct money” credit offer, namely, potential credit customers to provide smaller loan amounts for a short period of time uncomplicated and fast. Nevertheless, the general conditions as well as the terms and conditions of camibank’s direct money offer clearly differ from its competitors. Thus, in this loan offer of the Düsseldorf financial institution on the one hand, the interest rates significantly cheaper, the repayment modalities as well as the maximum loan amount significantly higher, thus completes the camibank direct money the entire credit supply of the Dusseldorf bank significantly down.

The camibank mini loan offer at a glance

  • Mini loan from 100 € to a maximum of 3000 €
  • Monthly rates starting from at least 50 €
  • depending on the loan amount a maximum of 6 months
  • Fast online application
  • Legitimation also by video-ident method
  • Cheap interest of 8.95% effectively
  • 24h express payment only 25 € one-time costs
  • The camibank mini loan can be requested in person in each branch

camibank Direct Money: Requirements & Services

camibank Direct Money: Requirements & Services

As mentioned earlier, the camibank mini loan offer differs significantly from that of the competitors. Of course, also apply to the direct money camibank certain minimum requirements. In order to benefit from this small loan offer, these credit requirements must be met. So also applies to the camibank that one completed the age of 18 years, of course, have a registered residence in Germany and ultimately also a regular income, which is at least € 601 as a prerequisite, however, extremely low, prove. With these mentioned € 601, the threshold of the required minimum income is once again significantly lower than, for example, with Cashper, which also set very low requirements with the required € 700. Both xpresscredit and Neofunding set the threshold at this point a lot higher.

Important: If you ask camibank, it should not matter whether this is an income from unemployment benefits, training allowance, Federal financial aid years or regular income from an employment relationship. It is important to prove that funds flow regularly!

camibank mini loans and the private credit

However, and this is common in a classic bank like camibank is, direct money will NOT be awarded, even if there is the slightest doubt about the creditworthiness of a client. In plain English: If there is a private credit entry granting a mini loan to the camibank is NULL!   Although it is now reported in numerous forums and other blogs increasingly that the camibank the credit offer “direct money” even to people with slightly incriminated private credit forgives, this should not be understood as a general statement “without private credit”.

Of course it can happen and we would not deny that it can happen in the case of direct application for the mini loan in a camibank branch, which is awarded the mini loan in the context of a single exam. However, we prefer to refer to the direct money-related and thus bindingly valid general terms and conditions, according to which a loan approval is refused in case of negative private credit!

So if your own private credit clean or your own creditworthiness beyond all doubt and meets the above requirements for obtaining a loan, the application for the camibank mini loan offer in the form of “direct money” is virtually nothing in the way. If the decision has yet been made to accept camibank’s direct money offer, you, the customer, have the option of making the application in two ways:

Offer number 1 – The online order

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, available online – the camibank direct money offer!

As with all other competitors, camibank offers a mini-credit with its direct money offer, which you as a customer can easily order online via the bank’s website. Thanks to an easy-to-use loan calculator on the bank’s website, you can determine your desired loan amount and the term. The result is then the monthly installment to be paid for camibank mini loan. So it can then be decided whether you want to submit the application for the camibank direct money offer online or not at these conditions.

Offer number 2 – The transition to a branch

Advice desired at the camibank direct money offer? No problem: the mini credit is also available in the store!

Anyone who would rather receive personal information about camibank’s direct-money loan offer can do so in one of camibank’s many branches within regular business hours. The advantage that results from this is that you can save yourself by sending in person the necessary documents via the post office as well as the Post-Ident or Video-Ident procedure. All of this can be done on site directly at the bank branch. Consequently, one can take the requested and approved loan as soon as possible. Provided that the microcredit is approved after thorough examination of all information and documents by the bank. Nevertheless, the possibility to request the direct money loan offer also directly in a branch has something for itself. Any questions can be discussed directly with a bank advisor. From our point of view, this represents a clear advantage that no other mini-loan provider in Germany can currently offer!

The cost of camibank direct money

The cost of camibank direct money

Anyone who is convinced of the camibank mini-loan offer and would like to take this online loan for their benefit in the first place will benefit from favorable interest rates. Because compared to the competition currently offered interest rate of just 8.95% effectively represents the best mini loan offer!

This is illustrated by a simple calculation example:

Loan amount: 600,00 € 2 credit installments a ‘€ 305.28 Credit period: 60 days due interest: 10, 56 € Total repayment amount: 610.56 Annual percentage rate: 8.95% With this interest rate, the camibank mini loan offer is currently the cheapest offer for short-term loans in Germany.

The costs at a glance

service costs
registration free
credit request free
processing free
guarantee not possible
Express Transfer 25 EUR once
early repayment free
Loan interest pa 8.95%
Reminder costs in case of default ka

If the offered service offer of the express transfer is claimed, then the loan amount to be repaid increases by this amount. It is, however, without exceptions that the direct money offer camibank incurred any ADVANTAGE !

Loan for Companies to Start up to 350,000 PLN

Self-employment is undoubtedly the dream of most of us. Unfortunately, the problem is the ever-increasing competition and costs of the investment, followed by running a business. Despite the fact that banks have been reluctant to provide financial support for people with zero market experience, novice entrepreneurs can count on interesting values ​​that will surely translate into the company’s dizzying development.

Loan to Start up Business

Loan to Start up Business

Significant changes on the market took place with the appearance of bank outlets, the purpose of which was to service small businesses. I am talking here especially about Idea Bank and WP Bank, which significantly contributed to the change of universal banking institutions in relation to   micro entrepreneurs. The second reason for the metamorphoses is the increased activity of public institutions in the support of small enterprises.

In the era of developing civilization, banks that extend a helping hand for entrepreneurs predominate. In the WP Bank offer, we find two proposals for beginners as well as people running a business for up to 12 months. These are Credit for Start and Credit Start-Up Occupation. The maximum value we can borrow is PLN 150,000. The loan period, however, covers a maximum of 60 months. We emphasizes that a few years ago, the organization of a loan for a start-up business for one year was a big problem.

Two loan solutions for new enterprises have Idea Bank in their offer. We include the Start and Non-returnable Loans. In the case of the first offer, the potential entrepreneur can borrow up to PLN 350,000. This is an amount that is even several times higher compared to competing loan offers for new companies. It is worth adding that the maximum amount of liability, which is not provided with collateral in kind, can not be more than PLN 25,000. To get a loan is not a necessity to have a business plan or a company internship. Due to the fact that such an amount is associated with high risk for the bank, collateral is important in the form of, for example, a mortgage, or the need to bind other services such as accounting in Tax Care or a company account with the bank. An undoubted advantage of using the offer is covering premiums by Bank for a year.


How to calculate your debt ratio?

Calculating your debt ratio before applying for an immo loan makes it possible to check the feasibility of your project. 
Banks give a mortgage to their customers after checking their debt ratio. This precaution prevents the lending institution from being confronted with unpaid deadlines. It also protects the borrower from over-indebtedness due to repayment implications.

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  • TEG or APR
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  1. Elements of evaluation of the debt ratio
  2. Calculate your real estate debt ratio
  3. Tools needed to calculate the debt ratio

Elements of evaluation of the debt ratio

Elements of evaluation of the debt ratio

To calculate a debt ratio, it is necessary to quantify the resources but also the monthly expenses. Household income includes wages and salaries, housing benefits, social and family benefits, pensions received, rental and other income. Expenses include all loans in progress (car loans, consumer loans), support payments. Read also  Decrypt a depreciation schedule Are not taken into account for the calculation of the debt ratio all consumption-related expenses, various monthly deductions such as income tax, insurance, housing tax, property tax, household bills water, electricity, gas, telephone, the Christopher Tietjensment of children’s studies, etc. We must take into account all these elements that weigh on the household budget.

Calculate your real estate debt ratio

As a general rule, the debt ratio should not be more than one-third of household income. This rule is applied by banks to assess the repayment capacity of their customers when an immo loan is requested.

The debt ratio is calculated using the following formula: (total expenses x 100) / household income = debt ratio 
For example , a household earning monthly income of € 4,000 and having a car loan of € 200 and € 1,000 of mortgage credit per month will have a debt ratio of: [(200 + 1,000) x 100] / 4 000 = 30%

Depending on the borrower’s expenses and situation, the debt ratio can be modulated upwards or downwards.

Thus, a household earning a large income may benefit from a higher debt ratio than that granted to the most modest incomes, given that the available household budget still makes it easy to live. On the other hand, when the budget is tight, the household can not obtain a loan whose monthly repayments plus expenses are less than 33% of the income.

Tools needed to calculate the debt ratio

calculate the debt ratio

It is possible to use an online simulator. The latter is able to determine the maximum monthly payments that serve as a basis for calculating the debt ratio.

To evaluate your monthly repayments, you only need to fill in the monthly expenses and income sections in the online simulator.

If the debt ratio is greater than 33% of revenues, the monthly payments will have to be revised downwards. On the other hand, if this rate is lower, the monthly payments can be increased. 
From these data, it will be much easier for the borrower to know his capacity of Christopher Tietjensment to realize his real estate project. However, it is possible to contact a broker or financial adviser, able to calculate the applicant’s debt ratio, free of charge.

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  • Calculate your borrowing capacity
  • Choose the right amount of your loan
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The online loan: its advantages as well as its disadvantages

The online loan is basically the generic term for pretty much any form of classic installment loan on the internet. These include the loans that can usually be ordered online, such as the mini loan, emergency loan, lightning loan, instant loan, etc. All of these types of credit are therefore inevitably linked to the triumphant advance of the Internet in the last 15-20 years. In the meantime, the online loan has established itself as a firmly recognized loan offer in the German credit landscape. This is mainly due to his often much cheaper credit conditions. The significantly simplified and thus faster application process for online credit compared to a film loan is also a clear advantage. Features that customers with an urgent need for credit undoubtedly value.

Main features of an online loan

Main features of an online loan


If you compare the terms of an online loan with the loan conditions of a normal loan, which comes from a traditional bank branch, the interest rate is often the most noticeable difference. The reason for this difference in the interest rate of these loans is that the online loan is mostly issued by direct banks or online banks. Their structures and internal processes are generally far removed from their classic bank branches. This applies in particular to the processing and issuing of loans. These savings in structural and personnel costs often give online banks credit to potential borrowers. Without these banks themselves lose margin on a loan.

However, this also has its price and that means: Personal, individual advice does not really take place with this type of installment loan! The reason? Quality advice on a loan costs money and would directly offset the cost advantage of having an online loan. Almost all online banks active in Germany or direct banks offer online advice or at least telephone credit counseling. However, this telephone consultation is often associated with paid service numbers. What in plain language means: You pay as a loan seeker for a qualified credit counseling! Regardless of whether you take in an online loan at that bank or not! Thus, it is important to obtain comprehensive information on relevant credit portals and forums prior to taking an online loan. Especially when it comes to the topic of credit counseling. But in general: If you have questions about the conditions, you must research online on the bank’s website.

Online Credit: The Benefits

Online Credit: The Benefits

As mentioned earlier, one of the most significant benefits of using the online loan rate is its interest. Compared to the classic loan or filiak credit, online loan offers are often much cheaper. Current loan comparisons often show interest rate differences of up to 4 percent between the individual credit providers. The second advantage is the availability of online credit. As the Internet is known to have no opening hours, such a loan can be ordered online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – around the clock. The only requirement is an online connection. The application for an online loan is now quite simple and above all fast.

Assuming that all necessary information has been provided to the bank, the applicant can expect to receive an initial response from the provider within a few minutes. Ideally, the provider gives the green light for the personal loan in the form of an online pre-commitment. In this respect, the online loan is equal in terms of its availability a quick loan or lightning loan. Particularly suitable is this online orderable loan so if you need to quickly create financial liquidity by receiving a larger amount of money.

Online Credit: The Disadvantages

Online Credit: The Disadvantages

A drawback with this loan is that the advance confirmation transmitted online is initially not binding for a loan application. After all, the lending bank carries out a detailed check. Here it is compared to what extent the information provided matches the actual economic conditions. For this you have to submit as an applicant still documents such as earnings or bank statements with the respective credit provider. In addition, when issuing online loans, banks are required to carry out a so-called identification of the person. For this either the classical postident procedure or the modern video identification procedure is used.

This technology is slowly becoming established and some banks still insist on the classic and time-consuming post-ID procedure. Especially with the direct banks, which praise themselves with all other bank processes with appropriate time efficiency with the loan processing, then nevertheless a hitherto existing shortcoming. However, as already mentioned, a slow change in the necessary identification procedure is recognizable.

Care with credit-dependent interest rate

Care with credit-dependent interest rate

In addition, the following fact can be a disadvantage in an online loan: Some offer for an online loan read at first glance as a real interest bargain and thus often lead to a hasty action of a loan seeker – that is: a Onlinekredîtabschluss! But this can turn out later as a serious mistake, namely, exactly when the loan documents arrive and then there appears an interest rate, because you did not even have in mind and superficially did not appear in the choice for the online loan! The reason for this possible unpleasant surprise is often in online loan in a small word behind the interest rate mentioned and that means “credit-dependent”.

It is still common practice that many online credit providers call the lowest possible interest rate. Prerequisite for this, however, is a flawless credit rating. But exactly this perfect credit rating is a system-based 100% credit rating. A value, because in practice 99.9% of people probably do not have (can)! In this respect, the Bank reserves the right in its terms and conditions for the naming of a credit-based interest rate for an online loan, just to use a corresponding interest rate dynamics, which can lead to a sometimes substantial increase in the cost of online credit.

Prefer fixed interest rate over the credit-based interest rate for online credit

Prefer fixed interest rate over the credit-based interest rate for online credit

Tip: When choosing a provider for an online loan, always pay attention to the conditions under which the interest rate shown in the loan offer by the lending bank has its validity. If the word “credit-dependent” is used in conjunction with the APR, it is better to look for a fixed-rate loan provider. Thus, the possible borrowing costs regarding the expected interest burden are transparent from the outset and thus comprehensible in commercial terms.

Special feature of the online loan

Special feature of the online loan


That the Internet is fast-moving and constantly changing is nothing new. And in today’s generally fast-paced world, it’s anything but extraordinary. But just this constant change in the Internet has its pitfalls. Especially when it comes to looking for so-called short-term offers. After all, a corresponding bargain can save a lot of money. Those who are not continuously fast enough in their field of interest “up to date” and in terms of their decision-making skills are bound to miss such a top deal.

Exactly this also applies to the offer of online loans. No type of loan is subject to as steady a change in its terms as the online loan. Many banks offer their online loans on special terms almost on a monthly basis. Synonymous with the fact that apply for these loans, temporary, special interest rate offers. In this respect, these loans are also used by various financial institutions as a marketing tool. Because in this way – almost in the form of a “special offer” – it is possible to open up new customers. Or just to bind existing customers with the offer “for a currently particularly favorable online loan”.

Loan for self-employed savings bank

Savings bank Credit for self-employed

For a long time, many independent companies had to wait until their savings bank now also offers a special loan. The problem so far has always been the rating procedure with the credit rating and the collateral. If self-employed people did not fulfill all the requirements for a loan with their savings bank, then a business loan was often quickly rejected!

Now there are possibilities to apply for a savings bank loan for companies, craftsmen and freelancers online via Savings bank Leasing. We are happy to assist you with our financing advice.

Favorable credit from Savings Bank via Intrasavings Bank

Favorable credit from Savings Bank via Intrasavings Bank

Not always the credits of the savings bank are the cheapest offers. Because at the cheap Intrasavings Entrepreneur Loan banks and savings banks earn only a small brokerage commission. Therefore, they are more inclined to sell expensive loans such as overdraft. If self-employed craftsmen and freelancers then took advantage of the current account credit, the savings bank offers only little scope for a rescheduling.

In this case, the Savings Bank could apply for Intrasavings Unternehmerkredit, which is favorable for companies, with a release from liability and grace-free start-up years. But which entrepreneur already knows the state funding opportunities and subsidies of the federal states, the federal government and the EU?

Business consulting for small and medium-sized companies

Business consulting for small and medium-sized companies

As an independent and neutral management consultant, we specialize in financing and support consulting. Our advantages: We do not sell you any loans or loans that we use to earn the most commissions, but we can recommend what is best for your business. The disadvantage: As a service provider, we charge a fee. If your company has been active in the market for two years, you can apply for a 50% consultancy grant for old states and 80% for new states.

Rescheduling of current account credit with Savings Bank

Rescheduling of current account credit with Savings Bank

It is difficult to repost a bank overdraft facility with their savings bank. Since her savings bank is little interested. But companies can apply for a pre-financing or supplier credit with a working capital loan from Intrasavings Bank or the promotional lending institutions of the federal states with favorable interest rates. This can then be returned to the expensive current account credit.

Another initiative would be the move to a new house bank.

Loan comparison for self-employed

Loan comparison for self-employed

On the Internet, many loans and loans are offered with high fees and terms. So-called loan sharks offer a quick loan with 2% interest per month. If a company only needs a liquidity loan for 2 to 3 months, then this is still conceivable. But if the loan can not be repaid after 3 months, the interest is 24% in the year and 48% in two years. With a loan of € 50,000, over € 20,000 in interest will be added! This can often ruin a small business and drive it into bankruptcy!

Therefore, we recommend a neutral loan advice for the self-employed with a financing requirement. We know the requirements of credit providers and can choose the cheap and feasible loan for the self-employed.

No Loan From The Bank (Declined) – What Can You Do?


Who does not know it? The washing machine gives up the ghost, the old car does not want anymore, the TV has left the picture tube or the next vacation actually exceeds the budget. A cash injection would be just the thing.

So the consumer leads the way to his house bank to apply for a loan to cover the unexpected expenses. Many consumers who urgently need money, but overtakes the credit counselor of the house bank, the angry awakening. Namely, if the bank rejects the loan application. But even if the house bank refuses, not all hope for a loan has been lost.

Credit despite credit problems

Credit despite credit problems

These providers in the table below provide loans despite negative private credit, bad credit and other problems.

  • A credit inquiry is not binding and free.
  • It may be useful to make free inquiries at several providers at the same time.

Possible reasons for a credit rejection – negative private credit in first place

Possible reasons for a credit rejection - negative private credit in first place

First, the applicant should first find out why the house bank was unwilling to approve the loan. If the reasons for the refusal are clear, another way might be taken to get a loan.
The most common cause of a credit rejection is a negative private credit information about the applicant dar. Such an entry automatically leads to a loan application from the German banks is rejected. The first step after the refusal of credit should therefore be to obtain information about the private credit entries by means of a personal information.

Since 2010, consumers have once a year the opportunity to query their own private credit entries for free.

Since entries in the private credit can often be faulty or obsolete, a query may be useful to correct the private credit information if necessary. Once the errors have been eliminated, a new loan application can be approved. However, should the negative private credit entry rightly exist, consumers can inquire at the bank under what conditions credit approval is possible despite the negative private credit. Often banks declare themselves ready to grant a loan despite the negative entry, as long as it is a not so serious and / or a completed or deletion pending private credit feature. As a rule, only a solvent guarantor who enters into the contract is required, or the loan can be secured with other collateral.

No guarantor available?

No guarantor available?

Of course it is not a nice situation for a lender if a third party has to be burdened with their own financial problems. Often it is also difficult to find a solvent guarantor who can meet the Bank’s requirements. In addition, friends and relatives are usually not willing to sign a contract, which of course in some situations is a great risk. What if the borrower can not pay due to an unforeseen event? Then finally the guarantor has to step in. As a rule, borrowing money directly from the guarantor is a better alternative. In addition, there is also the possibility to get the money by lending a life insurance or other assets, if any, at the pawnbroker.

No regular income or income too low – 2nd place


The second most common reason leading to the rejection of a credit application is that the loan applicant’s income is too low. Since the attachable portion of income is the determining factor, full employment can also be the case if the claimant belongs to the low paid group. For a single person is currently the attachment exemption limit at about 1050 €. For people who can not prove an income above this limit, most banks do not lend. Even persons with a higher income can be denied a loan, provided that the income is made up of non-attachable wage replacement benefits such as Hartz IV, sickness benefit, housing allowance, etc. Occasionally, however, banks do allow themselves to be talked about, so that a loan that has been rejected for the time being, with the help of a suitable guarantor signing the contract, can later be approved.

Bad Credit / Bad private credit Score

Bad Credit / Bad private credit Score

However, rejecting a loan application can in many cases simply be a logical consequence of the borrower’s financial situation and bad credit history. At the latest, if next to the bank also good friends and relatives do not want to lend the affected person any more money, because this is totally overindebted, it is time to turn to a debt counseling center. In these cases, further borrowing, while short-term filling a gap, would be of little help in the long run. Here professional help and support in dealing with the debt mountain is absolutely necessary.

Credit without? Often not a good alternative!

Credit without? Often not a good alternative!

Loan seekers who receive a regular income from a permanent position, but are burdened with a negative private credit information, usually get a loan at any German bank. Alternatively, these individuals may lodge a loan application with a credit intermediary who arranges debt-free loans. However, a loan without private credit will only be granted if a sufficient, attachable income from a permanent position can be proven. In these cases, the loan is not issued by the credit intermediary, but by a foreign bank, which, of course, verifies certain requirements, which, however, does not include a private credit query. These private credit-free loans are often only given up to a loan amount of 3,500 euros.

However, the alternative of a loan without private credit is often recommended, since the cost of borrowing is usually higher than it would be a loan of the same amount at a German bank.

Alternative: Loans from private investors at trucredit

Alternative: Loans from private investors at auxmoney

Every loan application made to a bank involves a plethora of bureaucracy. A simpler and often more promising alternative is lending from private investors, as found at trucredit. Here, lenders not only focus on a good return, but also on the promotion of specific projects and wishes. Anyone wishing to receive a personal loan from trucredit must present their loan request in an appealing way. Of course, even with private investors certain securities that are given, are welcome. For example, one’s own car can be named as safety. In addition, a private investor has the opportunity to agree on better repayment terms than with a bank. All in all, this form of loan is therefore the most convenient and convenient option for the loan applicant. In particular, as it is clear within a few minutes whether there is an interest in lending from one of the investors. There are no long waiting times and often cheaper conditions than a bank could offer. An attempt is the personal loan of trucredit so worth it.

Make your credit inquiry now without obligation. So you know within minutes if your loan request is met.

On trucredit, loans are brokered by private investors to private borrowers.

Note: Also trucredit does not grant loans to persons with hard negative characteristics, eg. Insolvency, affidavit, arrest warrant or judicial debt collection!

No credit despite good private credit


If you have not received any credit despite positive / good private credit, we recommend that you make a free and non-binding inquiry in our credit comparison. Here you will receive favorable offers from other German banks.

The best tips to ask for a loan

Requesting a loan seems simple. We simply have to approach a financial institution and request the necessary capital. However, doing it without losing money and even saving is an art. It is not the same to go to a financial institution than to a private equity company, for example.

For this reason the experts of Lenders have wanted to gather the best advice to ask for a loan . Now that you have them at your fingertips, there are no excuses for not getting the best option for your loan. Do you want to know more about this topic? Well, do not hesitate and read the following article. Let’s start

Tips from experts to request a loan

Do not lose sight of your financial situation


If you want to ask for a loan it is because you are in an economic situation that forces you to do it. Are you sure about it? Check your credit needs well and weigh if in a short time you can collect that money to be able to meet your expenses.

Also, if you have not done it yet, you should also put your financial situation in order. What do we mean by this? What values ​​how much income and how many expenses do you have each month and cuts in those items that are not essential. This way you can save little by little and avoid having to ask for any more credit in the future.

Think about both the quantity and the term


It may seem like a no-brainer, but you need to calmly analyze your financial situation before applying for a loan. Think not only about the amount of money you need, but also about the return period and your income .

These three elements will determine the amount to request.

  • Do not ever settle for longer returns than necessary because you’ll end up paying more money in interest.
  • Always look for the balance so that the fees are adequate and you can return them with ease.
  • If you think that in a short time you will stop having a job, it is best not to apply for a loan.

Compare different credit options


Today the range of opportunities to apply for a loan is very broad . It is no longer necessary to go to our bank for a lifetime, but we can think of other types of lenders. From private equity companies to private lenders. Each of them has its advantages but also its own drawbacks.

For example , if you are looking for a quick loan, the best thing is that you go to a private equity company. Not only will you get the capital in less time, but also the demands on your financial situation will be lower than those of the bank.

Rate why you want to request a loan


Asking for a loan means accepting a debt and agreeing to have to resolve it month after month. To this amount that we offer you must add the interests and possible commissions or linked products. That is, it is not a game at all.

We should only go to the loan money when we really need it . Avoid doing it to :

  • Buy a product or service impulsively . It does not do any good if we spend money on something that we may not really need. The best way to avoid this type of shopping is to wait three days to assess the need we have. If after this time we weigh the pros and cons and see that we do not need, do not acquire it.
  • Avoid the use of loans for the payment of others . It is clear that this situation is very complicated and that sometimes we see ourselves in the position of having to ask for a loan for this. But we must prevent this from becoming a habit. Otherwise we will end up falling into over-indebtedness.
  • No parties or special occasions . Never ask for a loan to have a fun time. That means that you are living beyond your means. There are many leisure options that do not have to affect your pocket in such a negative way. Do not forget.