Loan for Companies to Start up to 350,000 PLN

Self-employment is undoubtedly the dream of most of us. Unfortunately, the problem is the ever-increasing competition and costs of the investment, followed by running a business. Despite the fact that banks have been reluctant to provide financial support for people with zero market experience, novice entrepreneurs can count on interesting values ‚Äč‚Äčthat will surely translate into the company’s dizzying development.

Loan to Start up Business

Loan to Start up Business

Significant changes on the market took place with the appearance of bank outlets, the purpose of which was to service small businesses. I am talking here especially about Idea Bank and WP Bank, which significantly contributed to the change of universal banking institutions in relation to   micro entrepreneurs. The second reason for the metamorphoses is the increased activity of public institutions in the support of small enterprises.

In the era of developing civilization, banks that extend a helping hand for entrepreneurs predominate. In the WP Bank offer, we find two proposals for beginners as well as people running a business for up to 12 months. These are Credit for Start and Credit Start-Up Occupation. The maximum value we can borrow is PLN 150,000. The loan period, however, covers a maximum of 60 months. We emphasizes that a few years ago, the organization of a loan for a start-up business for one year was a big problem.

Two loan solutions for new enterprises have Idea Bank in their offer. We include the Start and Non-returnable Loans. In the case of the first offer, the potential entrepreneur can borrow up to PLN 350,000. This is an amount that is even several times higher compared to competing loan offers for new companies. It is worth adding that the maximum amount of liability, which is not provided with collateral in kind, can not be more than PLN 25,000. To get a loan is not a necessity to have a business plan or a company internship. Due to the fact that such an amount is associated with high risk for the bank, collateral is important in the form of, for example, a mortgage, or the need to bind other services such as accounting in Tax Care or a company account with the bank. An undoubted advantage of using the offer is covering premiums by Bank for a year.