Camibank has been active in the German market since 2008 as a German subsidiary of the French credit cooperative Credit Mutual. The camibank was known as Sitybank from 1991 to 2008 inclusive.  As a fully licensed bank and owned by the French company Credit Mutual, which is the fourth largest bank in France by total assets, camibank is the first bank established in the German retail banking business, which will enter the growing German small loan market at the end of 2015 with its camibank mini loan offer. ” Direct money “. The camibank mini loan is referred to here as “direct money”, which is more attributable to the marketing idea. In marketing its own, but still quite new, mini-credit offering, camibank is taking advantage of its decades of experience and its excellent positioning as one of the leading credit banks in Germany.

The camibank mini loan offer: direct money

The camibank mini loan offer: direct money

In contrast to the direct competitors in the mini-loan offers camibank pursues the same goal with its “direct money” credit offer, namely, potential credit customers to provide smaller loan amounts for a short period of time uncomplicated and fast. Nevertheless, the general conditions as well as the terms and conditions of camibank’s direct money offer clearly differ from its competitors. Thus, in this loan offer of the Düsseldorf financial institution on the one hand, the interest rates significantly cheaper, the repayment modalities as well as the maximum loan amount significantly higher, thus completes the camibank direct money the entire credit supply of the Dusseldorf bank significantly down.

The camibank mini loan offer at a glance

  • Mini loan from 100 € to a maximum of 3000 €
  • Monthly rates starting from at least 50 €
  • depending on the loan amount a maximum of 6 months
  • Fast online application
  • Legitimation also by video-ident method
  • Cheap interest of 8.95% effectively
  • 24h express payment only 25 € one-time costs
  • The camibank mini loan can be requested in person in each branch

camibank Direct Money: Requirements & Services

camibank Direct Money: Requirements & Services

As mentioned earlier, the camibank mini loan offer differs significantly from that of the competitors. Of course, also apply to the direct money camibank certain minimum requirements. In order to benefit from this small loan offer, these credit requirements must be met. So also applies to the camibank that one completed the age of 18 years, of course, have a registered residence in Germany and ultimately also a regular income, which is at least € 601 as a prerequisite, however, extremely low, prove. With these mentioned € 601, the threshold of the required minimum income is once again significantly lower than, for example, with Cashper, which also set very low requirements with the required € 700. Both xpresscredit and Neofunding set the threshold at this point a lot higher.

Important: If you ask camibank, it should not matter whether this is an income from unemployment benefits, training allowance, Federal financial aid years or regular income from an employment relationship. It is important to prove that funds flow regularly!

camibank mini loans and the private credit

However, and this is common in a classic bank like camibank is, direct money will NOT be awarded, even if there is the slightest doubt about the creditworthiness of a client. In plain English: If there is a private credit entry granting a mini loan to the camibank is NULL!   Although it is now reported in numerous forums and other blogs increasingly that the camibank the credit offer “direct money” even to people with slightly incriminated private credit forgives, this should not be understood as a general statement “without private credit”.

Of course it can happen and we would not deny that it can happen in the case of direct application for the mini loan in a camibank branch, which is awarded the mini loan in the context of a single exam. However, we prefer to refer to the direct money-related and thus bindingly valid general terms and conditions, according to which a loan approval is refused in case of negative private credit!

So if your own private credit clean or your own creditworthiness beyond all doubt and meets the above requirements for obtaining a loan, the application for the camibank mini loan offer in the form of “direct money” is virtually nothing in the way. If the decision has yet been made to accept camibank’s direct money offer, you, the customer, have the option of making the application in two ways:

Offer number 1 – The online order

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, available online – the camibank direct money offer!

As with all other competitors, camibank offers a mini-credit with its direct money offer, which you as a customer can easily order online via the bank’s website. Thanks to an easy-to-use loan calculator on the bank’s website, you can determine your desired loan amount and the term. The result is then the monthly installment to be paid for camibank mini loan. So it can then be decided whether you want to submit the application for the camibank direct money offer online or not at these conditions.

Offer number 2 – The transition to a branch

Advice desired at the camibank direct money offer? No problem: the mini credit is also available in the store!

Anyone who would rather receive personal information about camibank’s direct-money loan offer can do so in one of camibank’s many branches within regular business hours. The advantage that results from this is that you can save yourself by sending in person the necessary documents via the post office as well as the Post-Ident or Video-Ident procedure. All of this can be done on site directly at the bank branch. Consequently, one can take the requested and approved loan as soon as possible. Provided that the microcredit is approved after thorough examination of all information and documents by the bank. Nevertheless, the possibility to request the direct money loan offer also directly in a branch has something for itself. Any questions can be discussed directly with a bank advisor. From our point of view, this represents a clear advantage that no other mini-loan provider in Germany can currently offer!

The cost of camibank direct money

The cost of camibank direct money

Anyone who is convinced of the camibank mini-loan offer and would like to take this online loan for their benefit in the first place will benefit from favorable interest rates. Because compared to the competition currently offered interest rate of just 8.95% effectively represents the best mini loan offer!

This is illustrated by a simple calculation example:

Loan amount: 600,00 € 2 credit installments a ‘€ 305.28 Credit period: 60 days due interest: 10, 56 € Total repayment amount: 610.56 Annual percentage rate: 8.95% With this interest rate, the camibank mini loan offer is currently the cheapest offer for short-term loans in Germany.

The costs at a glance

service costs
registration free
credit request free
processing free
guarantee not possible
Express Transfer 25 EUR once
early repayment free
Loan interest pa 8.95%
Reminder costs in case of default ka

If the offered service offer of the express transfer is claimed, then the loan amount to be repaid increases by this amount. It is, however, without exceptions that the direct money offer camibank incurred any ADVANTAGE !