Who does not know it? The washing machine gives up the ghost, the old car does not want anymore, the TV has left the picture tube or the next vacation actually exceeds the budget. A cash injection would be just the thing.

So the consumer leads the way to his house bank to apply for a loan to cover the unexpected expenses. Many consumers who urgently need money, but overtakes the credit counselor of the house bank, the angry awakening. Namely, if the bank rejects the loan application. But even if the house bank refuses, not all hope for a loan has been lost.

Credit despite credit problems

Credit despite credit problems

These providers in the table below provide loans despite negative private credit, bad credit and other problems.

  • A credit inquiry is not binding and free.
  • It may be useful to make free inquiries at several providers at the same time.

Possible reasons for a credit rejection – negative private credit in first place

Possible reasons for a credit rejection - negative private credit in first place

First, the applicant should first find out why the house bank was unwilling to approve the loan. If the reasons for the refusal are clear, another way might be taken to get a loan.
The most common cause of a credit rejection is a negative private credit information about the applicant dar. Such an entry automatically leads to a loan application from the German banks is rejected. The first step after the refusal of credit should therefore be to obtain information about the private credit entries by means of a personal information.

Since 2010, consumers have once a year the opportunity to query their own private credit entries for free.

Since entries in the private credit can often be faulty or obsolete, a query may be useful to correct the private credit information if necessary. Once the errors have been eliminated, a new loan application can be approved. However, should the negative private credit entry rightly exist, consumers can inquire at the bank under what conditions credit approval is possible despite the negative private credit. Often banks declare themselves ready to grant a loan despite the negative entry, as long as it is a not so serious and / or a completed or deletion pending private credit feature. As a rule, only a solvent guarantor who enters into the contract is required, or the loan can be secured with other collateral.

No guarantor available?

No guarantor available?

Of course it is not a nice situation for a lender if a third party has to be burdened with their own financial problems. Often it is also difficult to find a solvent guarantor who can meet the Bank’s requirements. In addition, friends and relatives are usually not willing to sign a contract, which of course in some situations is a great risk. What if the borrower can not pay due to an unforeseen event? Then finally the guarantor has to step in. As a rule, borrowing money directly from the guarantor is a better alternative. In addition, there is also the possibility to get the money by lending a life insurance or other assets, if any, at the pawnbroker.

No regular income or income too low – 2nd place


The second most common reason leading to the rejection of a credit application is that the loan applicant’s income is too low. Since the attachable portion of income is the determining factor, full employment can also be the case if the claimant belongs to the low paid group. For a single person is currently the attachment exemption limit at about 1050 €. For people who can not prove an income above this limit, most banks do not lend. Even persons with a higher income can be denied a loan, provided that the income is made up of non-attachable wage replacement benefits such as Hartz IV, sickness benefit, housing allowance, etc. Occasionally, however, banks do allow themselves to be talked about, so that a loan that has been rejected for the time being, with the help of a suitable guarantor signing the contract, can later be approved.

Bad Credit / Bad private credit Score

Bad Credit / Bad private credit Score

However, rejecting a loan application can in many cases simply be a logical consequence of the borrower’s financial situation and bad credit history. At the latest, if next to the bank also good friends and relatives do not want to lend the affected person any more money, because this is totally overindebted, it is time to turn to a debt counseling center. In these cases, further borrowing, while short-term filling a gap, would be of little help in the long run. Here professional help and support in dealing with the debt mountain is absolutely necessary.

Credit without? Often not a good alternative!

Credit without? Often not a good alternative!

Loan seekers who receive a regular income from a permanent position, but are burdened with a negative private credit information, usually get a loan at any German bank. Alternatively, these individuals may lodge a loan application with a credit intermediary who arranges debt-free loans. However, a loan without private credit will only be granted if a sufficient, attachable income from a permanent position can be proven. In these cases, the loan is not issued by the credit intermediary, but by a foreign bank, which, of course, verifies certain requirements, which, however, does not include a private credit query. These private credit-free loans are often only given up to a loan amount of 3,500 euros.

However, the alternative of a loan without private credit is often recommended, since the cost of borrowing is usually higher than it would be a loan of the same amount at a German bank.

Alternative: Loans from private investors at trucredit

Alternative: Loans from private investors at auxmoney

Every loan application made to a bank involves a plethora of bureaucracy. A simpler and often more promising alternative is lending from private investors, as found at trucredit. Here, lenders not only focus on a good return, but also on the promotion of specific projects and wishes. Anyone wishing to receive a personal loan from trucredit must present their loan request in an appealing way. Of course, even with private investors certain securities that are given, are welcome. For example, one’s own car can be named as safety. In addition, a private investor has the opportunity to agree on better repayment terms than with a bank. All in all, this form of loan is therefore the most convenient and convenient option for the loan applicant. In particular, as it is clear within a few minutes whether there is an interest in lending from one of the investors. There are no long waiting times and often cheaper conditions than a bank could offer. An attempt is the personal loan of trucredit so worth it.

Make your credit inquiry now without obligation. So you know within minutes if your loan request is met.

On trucredit, loans are brokered by private investors to private borrowers.

Note: Also trucredit does not grant loans to persons with hard negative characteristics, eg. Insolvency, affidavit, arrest warrant or judicial debt collection!

No credit despite good private credit


If you have not received any credit despite positive / good private credit, we recommend that you make a free and non-binding inquiry in our credit comparison. Here you will receive favorable offers from other German banks.